Frederik Börnke
Frederik Börnke
Bavarian Authority for Health and Food Safety (LGL)
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Plastidial thioredoxin z interacts with two fructokinase-like proteins in a thiol-dependent manner: evidence for an essential role in chloroplast development in Arabidopsis and …
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Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals the role of the AMPK plant ortholog SnRK1 as a metabolic master regulator under energy deprivation
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Altering trehalose-6-phosphate content in transgenic potato tubers affects tuber growth and alters responsiveness to hormones during sprouting
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A bacterial acetyltransferase destroys plant microtubule networks and blocks secretion
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Capsid Protein-Mediated Recruitment of Host DnaJ-Like Proteins Is Required for Potato Virus Y Infection in Tobacco Plants
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Temporal and spatial control of gene silencing in transgenic plants by inducible expression of double‐stranded RNA
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The Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria Type III Effector Protein XopJ Inhibits Protein Secretion: Evidence for Interference with Cell Wall–Associated Defense …
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A barley ROP GTPase ACTIVATING PROTEIN associates with microtubules and regulates entry of the barley powdery mildew fungus into leaf epidermal cells
C Hoefle, C Huesmann, H Schultheiss, F Börnke, G Hensel, J Kumlehn, ...
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Decreased sucrose content triggers starch breakdown and respiration in stored potato tubers (Solanum tuberosum)
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The Xanthomonas campestris Type III Effector XopJ Targets the Host Cell Proteasome to Suppress Salicylic-Acid Mediated Plant Defence
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Decreased sucrose-6-phosphate phosphatase level in transgenic tobacco inhibits photosynthesis, alters carbohydrate partitioning, and reduces growth
S Chen, M Hajirezaei, M Peisker, H Tschiersch, U Sonnewald, F Börnke
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The Proteasome Acts as a Hub for Plant Immunity and Is Targeted by Pseudomonas Type III Effectors
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Differential expression of sucrose-phosphate synthase isoenzymes in tobacco reflects their functional specialization during dark-governed starch mobilization in source leaves
S Chen, M Hajirezaei, F Börnke
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Functional analysis of the essential bifunctional tobacco enzyme 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase/shikimate dehydrogenase in transgenic tobacco plants
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Cloning and Characterization of the Gene Cluster for Palatinose Metabolism from the Phytopathogenic BacteriumErwinia rhapontici
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In‐depth analysis of the distinctive effects of norflurazon implies that tetrapyrrole biosynthesis, organellar gene expression and ABA cooperate in the GUN‐type of plastid …
C Voigt, U Oster, F Börnke, P Jahns, KJ Dietz, D Leister, T Kleine
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Loss of cytosolic fructose‐1,6‐bisphosphatase limits photosynthetic sucrose synthesis and causes severe growth retardations in rice (Oryza sativa)
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The variable C-terminus of 14-3-3 proteins mediates isoform-specific interaction with sucrose-phosphate synthase in the yeast two-hybrid system
F Bornke
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The complex becomes more complex: protein-protein interactions of SnRK1 with DUF581 family proteins provide a framework for cell-and stimulus type-specific SnRK1 signaling in …
M Nietzsche, I Schießl, F Börnke
Frontiers in Plant Science 5, 54, 2014
Target-based discovery of novel herbicides
W Lein, F Börnke, A Reindl, T Ehrhardt, M Stitt, U Sonnewald
Current opinion in plant biology 7 (2), 219-225, 2004
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