Gonzalo E. Fenoy
Gonzalo E. Fenoy
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Acetylcholine biosensor based on the electrochemical functionalization of graphene field-effect transistors
GE Fenoy, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni, W Knoll
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 148, 111796, 2020
Layer-by-layer assembly of iron oxide-decorated few-layer graphene/PANI: PSS composite films for high performance supercapacitors operating in neutral aqueous electrolytes
GE Fenoy, B Van der Schueren, J Scotto, F Boulmedais, MR Ceolín, ...
Electrochimica Acta 283, 1178-1187, 2018
Functionalization strategies of PEDOT and PEDOT: PSS films for organic bioelectronics applications
GE Fenoy, O Azzaroni, W Knoll, WA Marmisollé
Chemosensors 9 (8), 212, 2021
Layer-by-layer assemblies of highly connected polyelectrolyte capped-Pt nanoparticles for electrocatalysis of hydrogen evolution reaction
GE Fenoy, E Maza, E Zelaya, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Applied Surface Science 416, 24-32, 2017
Powering Up the Oxygen Reduction Reaction through the Integration of O2-Adsorbing Metal–Organic Frameworks on Nanocomposite Electrodes
GE Fenoy, J Scotto, J Azcárate, M Rafti, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
ACS Applied Energy Materials 1 (10), 5428-5436, 2018
PEDOT: Tosylate‐Polyamine‐Based Organic Electrochemical Transistors for High‐Performance Bioelectronics
GE Fenoy, C Von Bilderling, W Knoll, O Azzaroni, WA Marmisollé
Advanced Electronic Materials 7 (6), 2100059, 2021
Reversible modulation of the redox activity in conducting polymer nanofilms induced by hydrophobic collapse of a surface-grafted polyelectrolyte
GE Fenoy, JM Giussi, C Von Bilderling, EM Maza, LI Pietrasanta, W Knoll, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 518, 92-101, 2018
Biofunctionalization of Graphene‐Based FET Sensors through Heterobifunctional Nanoscaffolds: Technology Validation toward Rapid COVID‐19 Diagnostics and Monitoring
E Piccinini, GE Fenoy, AL Cantillo, JA Allegretto, J Scotto, JM Piccinini, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2102526, 2022
Highly sensitive urine glucose detection with graphene field-effect transistors functionalized with electropolymerized nanofilms
GE Fenoy, WA Marmisollé, W Knoll, O Azzaroni
Sensors & Diagnostics 1 (1), 139-148, 2022
Surface engineering of graphene through heterobifunctional supramolecular-covalent scaffolds for rapid COVID-19 biomarker detection
E Piccinini, JA Allegretto, J Scotto, AL Cantillo, GE Fenoy, WA Marmisollé, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (36), 43696-43707, 2021
“Clickable” Organic Electrochemical Transistors
GE Fenoy, R Hasler, F Quartinello, WA Marmisollé, C Lorenz, O Azzaroni, ...
JACS Au 2 (12), 2778-2790, 2022
The effect of amino–phosphate interactions on the biosensing performance of enzymatic graphene field-effect transistors
GE Fenoy, E Piccinini, W Knoll, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Analytical Chemistry 94 (40), 13820-13828, 2022
Highly sensitive acetylcholine biosensing via chemical amplification of enzymatic processes in nanochannels
YT Terrones, G Laucirica, VM Cayón, GE Fenoy, ML Cortez, ...
Chemical Communications 58 (73), 10166-10169, 2022
Using Graphene Field-Effect Transistors for Real-Time Monitoring of Dynamic Processes at Sensing Interfaces. Benchmarking Performance against Surface Plasmon Resonance
J Scotto, AL Cantillo, E Piccinini, GE Fenoy, JA Allegretto, JM Piccinini, ...
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 4 (8), 3988-3996, 2022
Nanoarchitectonics of metal organic frameworks and PEDOT layer-by-layer electrodes for boosting oxygen reduction reaction
GE Fenoy, M Rafti, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Materials Advances 2 (23), 7731-7740, 2021
Interface Engineering of “Clickable” Organic Electrochemical Transistors toward Biosensing Devices
GE Fenoy, R Hasler, C Lorenz, J Movilli, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15 (8), 10885-10896, 2023
Layer-by-Layer Assembly Monitored by PEDOT-Polyamine-Based Organic Electrochemical Transistors
GE Fenoy, J Scotto, JA Allegretto, E Piccinini, AL Cantillo, W Knoll, ...
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 4 (12), 5953-5962, 2022
Field-effect transistors engineered via solution-based layer-by-layer nanoarchitectonics
O Azzaroni, E Piccinini, G Fenoy, W Marmisollé, K Ariga
Nanotechnology 34 (47), 472001, 2023
PEDOT-Polyamine-Based Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Monitoring Protein Binding
M Montero-Jimenez, FL Amante, GE Fenoy, J Scotto, O Azzaroni, ...
Biosensors 13 (2), 288, 2023
Conducting Polymers-Based Electrochemical Platforms: From Biosensing to Energy Storage
J Scotto, GE Fenoy, LD Sappia, WA Marmisollé
Anales des la Asociacion Quimica Argentina 105 (2), 135-156, 2018
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