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Self-reducing asymmetric polymer membrane for in situ formation and containment of noble metal nanocatalysts
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Profile of HIV positive clients in an ICTC of a private medical college, Andhra Pradesh: A situational analysis
VM Kommula, AK Mishra, GN Kusneniwar, SN Chappa, KV Rao
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Thin film of poly (bis [2-(methacryloyloxy) ethyl] phosphate) grafted on surface of poly (ether sulfone) membrane for plutonium (IV)-selective alpha tracks registration in CR …
AM Mhatre, S Chappa, V Chavan, AK Pandey
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Pd2+‐Loaded Magnetic Nanoassembly Formed by Magnetite Nanoparticles Crosslinked with Poly(acrylic acid) via Amide Bonds for Catalyzing Mizoroki‐Heck …
PB Rathod, KS AjishKumar, S Chappa, AK Debnath, AK Pandey, ...
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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 317, 1367-1376, 2018
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