Katayoon Dehesh
Katayoon Dehesh
Professor of Plant Biology, Uinversity of California Riverside
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An Arabidopsis gene regulatory network for secondary cell wall synthesis
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Functional convergence of oxylipin and abscisic acid pathways controls stomatal closure in response to drought
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Arabidopsis HY8 locus encodes phytochrome A.
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Fatty acids and early detection of pathogens
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phyB is evolutionarily conserved and constitutively expressed in rice seedling shoots
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BBX19 Interacts with CONSTANS to Repress FLOWERING LOCUS T Transcription, Defining a Flowering Time Checkpoint in Arabidopsis
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Localization of NADPH‐protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase in dark‐grown wheat (Triticum aestivum) by immuno‐electron microscopy before and after …
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Two novel thioesterases are key determinants of the bimodal distribution of acyl chain length of Cuphea palustris seed oil
K Dehesh, P Edwards, T Hayes, AM Cranmer, J Fillatti
Plant Physiology 110 (1), 203-210, 1996
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