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Structural basis for allosteric PARP-1 retention on DNA breaks
L Zandarashvili, MF Langelier, UK Velagapudi, MA Hancock, JD Steffen, ...
Science 368 (6486), eaax6367, 2020
NAD+ analog reveals PARP-1 substrate-blocking mechanism and allosteric communication from catalytic center to DNA-binding domains
MF Langelier, L Zandarashvili, PM Aguiar, BE Black, JM Pascal
Nature communications 9 (1), 844, 2018
Asymmetrical roles of zinc fingers in dynamic DNA-scanning process by the inducible transcription factor Egr-1
L Zandarashvili, D Vuzman, A Esadze, Y Takayama, D Sahu, Y Levy, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (26), E1724-E1732, 2012
Balancing between affinity and speed in target DNA search by zinc-finger proteins via modulation of dynamic conformational ensemble
L Zandarashvili, A Esadze, D Vuzman, CA Kemme, Y Levy, J Iwahara
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (37), E5142-E5149, 2015
Real-time kinetics of high-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) oxidation in extracellular fluids studied by in situ protein NMR spectroscopy
L Zandarashvili, D Sahu, K Lee, YS Lee, P Singh, K Rajarathnam, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (17), 11621-11627, 2013
Centromeres are maintained by fastening CENP-A to DNA and directing an arginine anchor-dependent nucleosome transition
LY Guo, PK Allu, L Zandarashvili, KL McKinley, N Sekulic, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 15775, 2017
Changes in conformational dynamics of basic side chains upon protein–DNA association
A Esadze, C Chen, L Zandarashvili, S Roy, BM Pettitt, J Iwahara
Nucleic acids research 44 (14), 6961-6970, 2016
Entropic enhancement of protein-DNA affinity by oxygen-to-sulfur substitution in DNA phosphate
L Zandarashvili, D Nguyen, KM Anderson, MA White, DG Gorenstein, ...
Biophysical journal 109 (5), 1026-1037, 2015
Structural impact of complete CpG methylation within target DNA on specific complex formation of the inducible transcription factor Egr-1
L Zandarashvili, MA White, A Esadze, J Iwahara
FEBS letters 589 (15), 1748-1753, 2015
Signature of Mobile Hydrogen Bonding of Lysine Side Chains from Long-Range 15N–13C Scalar J-Couplings and Computation
L Zandarashvili, DW Li, T Wang, R Brüschweiler, J Iwahara
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (24), 9192-9195, 2011
Dynamic equilibria of short-range electrostatic interactions at molecular interfaces of protein–DNA complexes
C Chen, A Esadze, L Zandarashvili, D Nguyen, BM Pettitt, J Iwahara
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (14), 2733-2737, 2015
Physicochemical properties of ion pairs of biological macromolecules
J Iwahara, A Esadze, L Zandarashvili
Biomolecules 5 (4), 2435-2463, 2015
Hydrogen-deuterium exchange coupled to top-and middle-down mass spectrometry reveals histone tail dynamics before and after nucleosome assembly
KR Karch, M Coradin, L Zandarashvili, ZY Kan, M Gerace, SW Englander, ...
Structure 26 (12), 1651-1663. e3, 2018
NMR studies on the dynamics of hydrogen bonds and ion pairs involving lysine side chains of proteins
L Zandarashvili, A Esadze, J Iwahara
Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology 93, 37-80, 2013
Temperature Dependence of Internal Motions of Protein Side-Chain NH3+ Groups: Insight into Energy Barriers for Transient Breakage of Hydrogen Bonds
L Zandarashvili, J Iwahara
Biochemistry 54 (2), 538-545, 2015
Effective strategy to assign 1H-15N heteronuclear correlation NMR signals from lysine side-chain NH3 + groups of proteins at low temperature
A Esadze, L Zandarashvili, J Iwahara
Journal of biomolecular NMR 60, 23-27, 2014
Stereospecific Effects of Oxygen‐to‐Sulfur Substitution in DNA Phosphate on Ion Pair Dynamics and Protein–DNA Affinity
D Nguyen, L Zandarashvili, MA White, J Iwahara
Chembiochem 17 (17), 1636-1642, 2016
Residence times of molecular complexes in solution from NMR data of intermolecular hydrogen-bond scalar coupling
L Zandarashvili, A Esadze, CA Kemme, A Chattopadhyay, D Nguyen, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7 (5), 820-824, 2016
A chemical approach for site-specific identification of NMR signals from protein side-chain NH3 + groups forming intermolecular ion pairs in protein …
KM Anderson, D Nguyen, A Esadze, L Zandrashvili, DG Gorenstein, ...
Journal of biomolecular NMR 62, 1-5, 2015
NMR-based investigations into target DNA search processes of proteins
J Iwahara, L Zandarashvili, CA Kemme, A Esadze
Methods 148, 57-66, 2018
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