Gerhard Sextl
Gerhard Sextl
Chemische Technologie, Universität Würzburg
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Nonlinear aging characteristics of lithium-ion cells under different operational conditions
SF Schuster, T Bach, E Fleder, J Müller, M Brand, G Sextl, A Jossen
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T Oertel, F Hutter, U Helbig, G Sextl
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Primary particle size and agglomerate size effects of amorphous silica in ultra-high performance concrete
T Oertel, F Hutter, R Tänzer, U Helbig, G Sextl
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JC Rybak, LV Meyer, J Wagenhöfer, G Sextl, K Müller-Buschbaum
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M Roeder, AB Beleke, U Guntow, J Buensow, A Guerfi, U Posset, ...
Journal of Power Sources 301, 35-40, 2016
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