María Lorena Cortez
María Lorena Cortez
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Practical use of polymer brushes in sustainable energy applications: interfacial nanoarchitectonics for high-efficiency devices
JM Giussi, ML Cortez, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Chemical Society Reviews 48 (3), 814-849, 2019
Highly sensitive biosensing with solid-state nanopores displaying enzymatically reconfigurable rectification properties
G Pérez-Mitta, AS Peinetti, ML Cortez, ME Toimil-Molares, C Trautmann, ...
Nano Letters 18 (5), 3303-3310, 2018
Biomimetic solid-state nanochannels for chemical and biological sensing applications
G Laucirica, YT Terrones, V Cayón, ML Cortez, ME Toimil-Molares, ...
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 144, 116425, 2021
Highly-organized stacked multilayers via layer-by-layer assembly of lipid-like surfactants and polyelectrolytes. Stratified supramolecular structures for (bio) electrochemical …
ML Cortez, A Lorenzo, WA Marmisollé, C Von Bilderling, E Maza, ...
Soft Matter 14 (10), 1939-1952, 2018
Polyamine colloids cross‐linked with phosphate ions: Towards understanding the solution phase behavior
SE Herrera, ML Agazzi, ML Cortez, WA Marmisollé, M Tagliazucchi, ...
ChemPhysChem 20 (8), 1044-1053, 2019
Hydrophobic interactions leading to a complex interplay between bioelectrocatalytic properties and multilayer meso-organization in layer-by-layer assemblies
ML Cortez, N De Matteis, M Ceolin, W Knoll, F Battaglini, O Azzaroni
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (38), 20844-20855, 2014
Electrochemical sensing platform based on polyelectrolyte–surfactant supramolecular assemblies incorporating carbon nanotubes
ML Cortez, M Ceolín, O Azzaroni, F Battaglini
Analytical chemistry 83 (20), 8011-8018, 2011
Self-assembled peptide dendrigraft supraparticles with potential application in pH/enzyme-triggered multistage drug release
ML Agazzi, SE Herrera, ML Cortez, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 190, 110895, 2020
High-sensitivity detection of dopamine by biomimetic nanofluidic diodes derivatized with poly (3-aminobenzylamine)
G Laucirica, YT Terrones, VM Cayón, ML Cortez, ME Toimil-Molares, ...
Nanoscale 12 (35), 18390-18399, 2020
Effect of Gold Nanoparticles on the Structure and Electron‐Transfer Characteristics of Glucose Oxidase Redox Polyelectrolyte‐Surfactant Complexes
ML Cortez, W Marmisollé, D Pallarola, LI Pietrasanta, DH Murgida, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (41), 13366-13374, 2014
Ionic self-assembly of electroactive biorecognizable units: Electrical contacting of redox glycoenzymes made easy
ML Cortez, D Pallarola, M Ceolín, O Azzaroni, F Battaglini
Chemical Communications 48 (88), 10868-10870, 2012
An electroactive versatile matrix for the construction of sensors
ML Cortez, GA González, F Battaglini
Electroanalysis 23 (1), 156-160, 2011
Electrochemically addressable nanofluidic devices based on PET nanochannels modified with electropolymerized poly-o-aminophenol films
G Laucirica, VM Cayón, YT Terrones, ML Cortez, ME Toimil-Molares, ...
Nanoscale 12 (10), 6002-6011, 2020
Layer‐by‐Layer Formation of Polyamine‐Salt Aggregate/Polyelectrolyte Multilayers. Loading and Controlled Release of Probe Molecules from Self‐Assembled Supramolecular Networks
SE Herrera, ML Agazzi, ML Cortez, WA Marmisollé, C Von Bilderling, ...
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 220 (15), 1900094, 2019
Continuous assembly of supramolecular polyamine–phosphate networks on surfaces: preparation and permeability properties of nanofilms
ML Agazzi, SE Herrera, ML Cortez, WA Marmisollé, C Von Bilderling, ...
Soft Matter 15 (7), 1640-1650, 2019
Thermo-responsive PNIPAm nanopillars displaying amplified responsiveness through the incorporation of nanoparticles
JM Giussi, C Von Bilderling, E Alarcón, LI Pietrasanta, R Hernandez, ...
Nanoscale 10 (3), 1189-1195, 2018
Insulin Delivery from Glucose‐Responsive, Self‐Assembled, Polyamine Nanoparticles: Smart “Sense‐and‐Treat” Nanocarriers Made Easy
ML Agazzi, SE Herrera, ML Cortez, WA Marmisollé, M Tagliazucchi, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 26 (11), 2456-2463, 2020
Electron transfer properties of dual self-assembled architectures based on specific recognition and electrostatic driving forces: its application to control substrate …
ML Cortez, D Pallarola, M Ceolín, O Azzaroni, F Battaglini
Analytical chemistry 85 (4), 2414-2422, 2013
Self-assembled phosphate-polyamine networks as biocompatible supramolecular platforms to modulate cell adhesion
NE Muzzio, MA Pasquale, WA Marmisollé, C Von Bilderling, ML Cortez, ...
Biomaterials science 6 (8), 2230-2247, 2018
A study of the complex interaction between poly allylamine hydrochloride and negatively charged poly (N-isopropylacrylamide-co-methacrylic acid) microgels
JM Giussi, MM Moro, A Iborra, ML Cortez, D Di Silvio, IL Conde, ...
Soft Matter 16 (4), 881-890, 2020
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