Gustavo Pablo Romanelli
Gustavo Pablo Romanelli
Departamento de Química, FCE,CINDECA, CONICET y Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales
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Catalytic upgrading of levulinic acid to ethyl levulinate using reusable silica-included Wells-Dawson heteropolyacid as catalyst
G Pasquale, P Vázquez, G Romanelli, G Baronetti
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GP Romanelli, HJ Thomas, GT Baronetti, JC Autino
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NA Liberto, JB Simões, S de Paiva Silva, CJ da Silva, LV Modolo, ...
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LM Sanchez, HJ Thomas, MJ Climent, GP Romanelli, S Iborra
Catalysis Reviews 58 (4), 497-586, 2016
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