Jonathan Romiguier
Jonathan Romiguier
Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier
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Comparative population genomics in animals uncovers the determinants of genetic diversity
J Romiguier, P Gayral, M Ballenghien, A Bernard, V Cahais, A Chenuil, ...
Nature 515 (7526), 261-263, 2014
Shedding light on the grey zone of speciation along a continuum of genomic divergence
C Roux, C Fraisse, J Romiguier, Y Anciaux, N Galtier, N Bierne
PLoS biology 14 (12), e2000234, 2016
MitoFinder: Efficient automated large‐scale extraction of mitogenomic data in target enrichment phylogenomics
R Allio, A Schomaker‐Bastos, J Romiguier, F Prosdocimi, B Nabholz, ...
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Contrasting GC-content dynamics across 33 mammalian genomes: relationship with life-history traits and chromosome sizes
J Romiguier, V Ranwez, EJP Douzery, N Galtier
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Less is more in mammalian phylogenomics: AT-rich genes minimize tree conflicts and unravel the root of placental mammals
J Romiguier, V Ranwez, F Delsuc, N Galtier, EJP Douzery
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Codon usage bias in animals: disentangling the effects of natural selection, effective population size, and GC-biased gene conversion
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Evidence for GC-biased gene conversion as a driver of between-lineage differences in avian base composition
CC Weber, B Boussau, J Romiguier, ED Jarvis, H Ellegren
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Phylogenomics controlling for base compositional bias reveals a single origin of eusociality in corbiculate bees
J Romiguier, SA Cameron, SH Woodard, BJ Fischman, L Keller, CJ Praz
Molecular biology and evolution 33 (3), 670-678, 2016
Extensive recent secondary contacts between four European white oak species
T Leroy, C Roux, L Villate, C Bodénès, J Romiguier, JAP Paiva, C Dossat, ...
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Population genomics of eusocial insects: the costs of a vertebrate‐like effective population size
J Romiguier, J Lourenco, P Gayral, N Faivre, LA Weinert, S Ravel, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27 (3), 593-603, 2014
OrthoMaM v8: a database of orthologous exons and coding sequences for comparative genomics in mammals
EJP Douzery, C Scornavacca, J Romiguier, K Belkhir, N Galtier, F Delsuc, ...
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Biased gene conversion and GC-content evolution in the coding sequences of reptiles and vertebrates
E Figuet, M Ballenghien, J Romiguier, N Galtier
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Analytical biases associated with GC-content in molecular evolution
J Romiguier, C Roux
Frontiers in Genetics 8, 16, 2017
K r/K c but not d N/d S correlates positively with body mass in birds, raising implications for inferring lineage-specific selection
CC Weber, B Nabholz, J Romiguier, H Ellegren
Genome biology 15 (12), 1-13, 2014
Efficient selection of branch-specific models of sequence evolution
JY Dutheil, N Galtier, J Romiguier, EJP Douzery, V Ranwez, B Boussau
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Fast and robust characterization of time-heterogeneous sequence evolutionary processes using substitution mapping
J Romiguier, E Figuet, N Galtier, EJP Douzery, B Boussau, JY Dutheil, ...
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Genomic evidence for large, long-lived ancestors to placental mammals
J Romiguier, V Ranwez, EJP Douzery, N Galtier
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Population genomics of the endangered giant Galápagos tortoise
E Loire, Y Chiari, A Bernard, V Cahais, J Romiguier, B Nabholz, ...
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The divergence history of European blue mussel species reconstructed from Approximate Bayesian Computation: the effects of sequencing techniques and sampling strategies
C Fraïsse, C Roux, PA Gagnaire, J Romiguier, N Faivre, JJ Welch, ...
PeerJ 6, e5198, 2018
Convergent evolution of social hybridogenesis in Messor harvester ants
J Romiguier, A Fournier, SH Yek, L Keller
Molecular Ecology 26 (4), 1108-1117, 2017
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