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G-quadruplex formation at the 3' end of telomere DNA inhibits its extension by telomerase, polymerase and unwinding by helicase
Z Wang, Q. Liu, J. Q. Chen, Z. Zheng, K. W. Chen, C. Y. Hao, Y. H. Tan
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Cascading MutS and MutL sliding clamps control DNA diffusion to activate mismatch repair
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G-quadruplex hinders translocation of BLM helicase on DNA: a real-time fluorescence spectroscopic unwinding study and comparison with duplex substrates
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A competitive formation of DNA: RNA hybrid G-quadruplex is responsible to the mitochondrial transcription termination at the DNA replication priming site
K Zheng, R Wu, Y He, S Xiao, J Zhang, J Liu, Y Hao, Z Tan
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lncRNA SLERT controls phase separation of FC/DFCs to facilitate Pol I transcription
M Wu, G Xu, C Han, PF Luan, YH Xing, F Nan, LZ Yang, Y Huang, ...
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Contribution of telomere G-quadruplex stabilization to the inhibition of telomerase-mediated telomere extension by chemical ligands
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Widespread nuclease contamination in commonly used oxygen-scavenging systems
G Senavirathne, J Liu, MA Lopez Jr, J Hanne, J Martin-Lopez, JB Lee, ...
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MutL sliding clamps coordinate exonuclease-independent Escherichia coli mismatch repair
J Liu, R Lee, BM Britton, JA London, K Yang, J Hanne, JB Lee, R Fishel
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An Efficient Site-Specific Method for Irreversible Covalent Labeling of Proteins with a Fluorophore
J Liu, J Hanne, BM Britton, M Shoffner, AE Albers, J Bennett, R Zatezalo, ...
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Stochastic Processes and Component Plasticity Governing DNA Mismatch Repair
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Strand-Biased Formation of G-Quadruplexes in DNA Duplexes Transcribed with T7 RNA Polymerase
Z Liu, J. Q. Xiao, S. Hao, Y. H. Tan
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Linker domain function predicts pathogenic MLH1 missense variants
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Understanding lncRNA–protein assemblies with imaging and single-molecule approaches
J Liu, LZ Yang, LL Chen
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 72, 128-137, 2022
MutS functions as a clamp loader by positioning MutL on the DNA during mismatch repair
XW Yang, XP Han, C Han, J London, R Fishel, J Liu
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MutS and MutL sliding clamps in DNA mismatch repair
XP Han, XW Yang, J Liu
Genome Instability & Disease 4 (1), 1-11, 2023
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