Esrom Kifle
Esrom Kifle
Centre de Recherche sur les Ions, les Matériaux et la Photonique (CIMAP)
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Femtosecond-laser-written Tm:KLu(WO4)2 waveguide lasers
E Kifle, X Mateos, JRV de Aldana, A Ródenas, P Loiko, SY Choi, ...
Optics letters 42 (6), 1169-1172, 2017
Passively Q-switched femtosecond-laser-written thulium waveguide laser based on evanescent field interaction with carbon nanotubes
E Kifle, P Loiko, JRV de Aldana, C Romero, A Ródenas, SY Choi, JE Bae, ...
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Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and laser operation of Ho3+ in “mixed”(Lu, Sc) 2O3 ceramics
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“Mixed” Tm:Ca(Gd,Lu)AlO4 — a novel crystal for tunable and mode-locked 2 µm lasers
Z Pan, P Loiko, JM Serres, E Kifle, H Yuan, X Dai, H Cai, Y Wang, Y Zhao, ...
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Femtosecond-laser-written Ho:KGd(WO4)2 waveguide laser at 2.1  μm
E Kifle, P Loiko, C Romero, JRV De Aldana, A Ródenas, V Zakharov, ...
Optics letters 44 (7), 1738-1741, 2019
Sb2Te3 thin film for the passive Q-switching of a Tm:GdVO4 laser
P Loiko, J Bogusławski, JM Serres, E Kifle, M Kowalczyk, X Mateos, ...
Optical Materials Express 8 (7), 1723-1732, 2018
Comparative study of the spectroscopic and laser properties of Tm3+, Na+(Li+)-codoped Ca3Nb1.5Ga3.5O12-type disordered garnet crystals for mode …
Z Pan, JM Serres, E Kifle, P Loiko, H Yuan, X Dai, H Cai, M Aguilo, F Diaz, ...
Optical Materials Express 8 (8), 2287-2299, 2018
Femtosecond-laser-written hexagonal cladding waveguide in Tm:KLu(WO4)2: µ-Raman study and laser operation
E Kifle, P Loiko, X Mateos, JRV de Aldana, A Ródenas, U Griebner, ...
Optical Materials Express 7 (12), 4258-4268, 2017
Watt-level mid-infrared continuous-wave Tm: YAG laser operating on the 3H4→ 3H5 transition
L Guillemot, P Loiko, E Kifle, JL Doualan, A Braud, F Starecki, T Georges, ...
Optical Materials 101, 109745, 2020
Growth, spectroscopy and first laser operation of monoclinic Ho3+: MgWO4 crystal
L Zhang, P Loiko, JM Serres, E Kifle, H Lin, G Zhang, E Vilejshikova, ...
Journal of Luminescence 213, 316-325, 2019
Ytterbium calcium fluoride waveguide laser
P Loiko, R Soulard, E Kifle, L Guillemot, G Brasse, A Benayad, ...
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Fs-laser-written thulium waveguide lasers Q-switched by graphene and MoS2
E Kifle, P Loiko, JRV de Aldana, C Romero, A Ródenas, V Zakharov, ...
Optics Express 27 (6), 8745-8755, 2019
Watt-level visible laser in double-clad Pr3+-doped fluoride fiber pumped by a GaN diode
E Kifle, F Starecki, P Loiko, S Cozic, F Joulain, T Berthelot, T Georges, ...
Optics Letters 46 (1), 74-77, 2021
Highly efficient 2.3 µm thulium lasers based on a high-phonon-energy crystal: evidence of vibronic-assisted emissions
P Loiko, E Kifle, L Guillemot, JL Doualan, F Starecki, A Braud, M Aguiló, ...
JOSA B 38 (2), 482-495, 2021
Watt-level diode-pumped thulium lasers around 2.3 µm
E Kifle, P Loiko, L Guillemot, JL Doualan, F Starecki, A Braud, T Georges, ...
Applied optics 59 (25), 7530-7539, 2020
Watt-level ultrafast laser inscribed thulium waveguide lasers
E Kifle, P Loiko, C Romero, JRV de Aldana, M Aguiló, F Díaz, P Camy, ...
Progress in Quantum Electronics 72, 100266, 2020
Tm:KY1-x-yGdxLuy(WO4)2 planar waveguide laser passively Q-switched by single-walled carbon nanotubes
E Kifle, X Mateos, P Loiko, SY Choi, JE Bae, F Rotermund, M Aguiló, ...
Optics Express 26 (4), 4961-4966, 2018
Graphene Q-switched Tm: KY (WO4) 2 waveguide laser
E Kifle, X Mateos, P Loiko, K Yumashev, A Yasukevich, V Petrov, ...
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Carbon nanotube Q-switched Yb: KLuW surface channel waveguide lasers
JE Bae, TG Park, E Kifle, X Mateos, M Aguiló, F Díaz, C Romero, ...
Optics Letters 45 (1), 216-219, 2020
Fs-laser-written erbium-doped double tungstate waveguide laser
E Kifle, P Loiko, C Romero, JRV de Aldana, A Rodenas, V Jambunathan, ...
Optics Express 26 (23), 30826-30836, 2018
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