Helder Gomes Rodrigues
Helder Gomes Rodrigues
Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier
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Dental microwear patterns of extant and extinct Muridae (Rodentia, Mammalia): ecological implications
H Gomes Rodrigues, G Merceron, L Viriot
Naturwissenschaften 96, 537-542, 2009
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The Cricetidae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the Ulantatal area (Inner Mongolia, China): New data concerning the evolution of Asian cricetids during the Oligocene
HG Rodrigues, L Marivaux, M Vianey-Liaud
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 56, 160-179, 2012
Expansion of open landscapes in Northern China during the Oligocene induced by dramatic climate changes: Paleoecological evidence
HG Rodrigues, L Marivaux, M Vianey-Liaud
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 358, 62-71, 2012
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M Fernández-Monescillo, PO Antoine, F Pujos, H Gomes Rodrigues, ...
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Early adaptive radiations of Aplodontoidea (Rodentia, Mammalia) on the Holarctic region: systematics, and phylogenetic and paleobiogeographic implications
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Evolutionary and biological implications of dental mesial drift in rodents: the case of the Ctenodactylidae (Rodentia, Mammalia)
H Gomes Rodrigues, F Solé, C Charles, P Tafforeau, M Vianey-Liaud, ...
PLoS One 7 (11), e50197, 2012
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