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Infection and coaccumulation of tobacco mosaic virus proteins alter microRNA levels, correlating with symptom and plant development
AA Bazzini, HE Hopp, RN Beachy, S Asurmendi
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Natural occurring epialleles determine vitamin E accumulation in tomato fruits
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Cestode parasites release extracellular vesicles with microRNAs and immunodiagnostic protein cargo
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Ecdysone agonist‐inducible expression of a coat protein gene from tobacco mosaic virus confers viral resistance in transgenic Arabidopsis
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Virus infection elevates transcriptional activity of miR164a promoter in plants
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Coat protein-mediated resistance to TMV infection of Nicotiana tabacum involves multiple modes of interference by coat protein
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Metabolic and miRNA profiling of TMV infected plants reveals biphasic temporal changes
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Aggregation of TMV CP plays a role in CP functions and in coat-protein-mediated resistance
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Virology 366 (1), 98-106, 2007
Coupling Virus-Induced Gene Silencing to Exogenous Green Fluorescence Protein Expression Provides a Highly Efficient System for Functional Genomics in …
L Quadrana, MC Rodriguez, M López, L Bermudez, A Nunes-Nesi, ...
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Transgenic resistance in potato plants expressing potato leaf roll virus (PLRV) replicase gene sequences is RNA-mediated and suggests the involvement of post-transcriptional …
C Vazquez Rovere, S Asurmendi, HE Hopp
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Expression of Hemagglutinin-Neuraminidase glycoprotein of Newcastle Disease Virus in agroinfiltrated Nicotiana benthamiana plants
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Biotecnología y mejoramiento vegetal II
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Transgenic Expression of Tobacco mosaic virus Capsid and Movement Proteins Modulate Plant Basal Defense and Biotic Stress Responses in Nicotiana tabacum
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TMV-Cg Coat Protein stabilizes DELLA proteins and in turn negatively modulates salicylic acid-mediated defense pathway during Arabidopsis thalianaviral infection
MC Rodriguez, G Conti, D Zavallo, CA Manacorda, S Asurmendi
BMC plant biology 14, 1-17, 2014
Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and potato virus X (PVX) coat proteins confer heterologous interference to PVX and TMV infection, respectively
AA Bazzini, S Asurmendi, HE Hopp, RN Beachy
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Modulation of host plant immunity by Tobamovirus proteins
G Conti, MC Rodriguez, AL Venturuzzi, S Asurmendi
Annals of Botany 119 (5), 737-747, 2017
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