Muhammad Ashar Naveed
Muhammad Ashar Naveed
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Novel Spin‐Decoupling Strategy in Liquid Crystal‐Integrated Metasurfaces for Interactive Metadisplays
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Single-Step Fabricable Flexible Metadisplays for Sensitive Chemical/Biomedical Packaging Security and Beyond
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Polarization-Insensitive, Broadband, and Tunable Terahertz Absorber using Slotted-Square Graphene Meta-Rings
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A photopaper‐based low‐cost, wideband wearable antenna for wireless body area network applications
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MXene-Based Polarization-Insensitive UV-VIS-NIR Meta-Absorber
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A Pragmatic Metasurface with Asymmetric Spin Interactions
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CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, FM4B. 5, 2020
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