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Matthew Renner
National Herbarium of New South Wales
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World checklist of hornworts and liverworts
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New bibenzyl cannabinoid from the New Zealand liverwort Radula marginata
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Molecular Phylogeny of the Leafy Liverwort Lejeunea (Porellales): Evidence for a Neotropical Origin, Uneven Distribution of Sexual Systems and Insufficient …
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By how much do we underestimate species diversity of liverworts using morphological evidence? An example from Australasian Plagiochila (Plagiochilaceae: Jungermanniopsida)
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Checklist of hornworts and liverworts of Fiji
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Integrative taxonomy resolves the cryptic and pseudo-cryptic Radula buccinifera complex (Porellales, Jungermanniopsida), including two reinstated and five new species
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A phylogeny of Lophocoleaceae-Plagiochilaceae-Brevianthaceae and a revised classification of Plagiochilaceae
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Chapter ten: Early Land Plants Today: Liverwort checklist of checklists
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Lobule shape evolution in Radula (Jungermanniopsida): one rate fits all?
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The Lejeunea tumida species group is positively polyphyletic (Lejeuneaceae: Jungermanniopsida)
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A brief history of the cryptogams of Fiji and prospects for the future
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Opportunities and challenges presented by cryptic bryophyte species
MAM Renner
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Additions to the Radula (Radulaceae: Hepaticae) floras of New Zealand and Tasmania
MAM Renner
The Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory 97, 39-79, 2005
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