Abolfazl Ziarati
Abolfazl Ziarati
Post-Doctoral researcher, University of Geneva
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Sonication method synergism with rare earth based nanocatalyst: preparation of NiFe2–xEuxO4 nanostructures and its catalytic applications for the synthesis of benzimidazoles …
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J Safaei-Ghomi, H Shahbazi-Alavi, A Ziarati, R Teymuri, MR Saberi
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AB Dehkordi, A Ziarati, JB Ghasemi, A Badiei
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J Safaei Ghomi, R Teymuri, A Ziarati
Monatshefte für Chemie-Chemical Monthly 144, 1865-1870, 2013
Visible Light CO2 Reduction to CH4 Using Hierarchical Yolk@shell TiO2–xHx Modified with Plasmonic Au–Pd Nanoparticles
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Palladium‐anchored multidentate SBA‐15/di‐urea nanoreactor: A highly active catalyst for Suzuki coupling reaction
S Rohani, G Mohammadi Ziarani, A Badiei, A Ziarati, M Jafari, ...
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Simultaneous photocatalytic and catalytic activity of p–n junction NiO@ anatase/rutile-TiO2 as a noble-metal free reusable nanoparticle for synthesis of organic compounds
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Engineered bi-functional hydrophilic/hydrophobic yolk@ shell architectures: a rational strategy for non-time dependent ultra selective photocatalytic oxidation
A Ziarati, A Badiei, R Luque
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 240, 72-78, 2019
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