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Deep faunistic turnovers preceded the rise of dinosaurs in southwestern Pangaea
MD Ezcurra, LE Fiorelli, AG Martinelli, S Rocher, MB von Baczko, ...
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The oldest known communal latrines provide evidence of gregarism in Triassic megaherbivores
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A new Argentinean nesting site showing neosauropod dinosaur reproduction in a Cretaceous hydrothermal environment
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The first “protosuchian”(Archosauria: Crocodyliformes) from the Cretaceous (Santonian) of Gondwana
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Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Fórum de Ciência e Cultura. Museu …, 2007
Paleobiology of titanosaurs: reproduction, development, histology, pneumaticity, locomotion and neuroanatomy from the South American fossil record
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The Late Triassic Ischigualasto Formation at Cerro Las Lajas (La Rioja, Argentina): fossil tetrapods, high‑resolution chronostratigraphy, and faunal correlations
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Water vapor conductance of the Lower Cretaceous dinosaurian eggs from Sanagasta, La Rioja, Argentina: paleobiological and paleoecological implications for South American …
G Grellet-Tinner, LE Fiorelli, RB Salvador
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A new hadrosauroid (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) from the Allen Formation (Late Cretaceous) of Patagonia, Argentina
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Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales 12 (2), 217-231, 2010
A large accumulation of avian eggs from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia (Argentina) reveals a novel nesting strategy in Mesozoic birds
MS Fernández, RA García, L Fiorelli, A Scolaro, RB Salvador, CN Cotaro, ...
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Mammals from the Salicas Formation (late Miocene), La Rioja Province, northwestern Argentina: paleobiogeography, age, and paleoenvironment
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A new Late Cretaceous crocodyliform from the western margin of Gondwana (La Rioja Province, Argentina)
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The geology and palaeoecology of the newly discovered Cretaceous neosauropod hydrothermal nesting site in Sanagasta (Los Llanos Formation), La Rioja, northwest Argentina
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What do giant titanosaur dinosaurs and modern Australasian megapodes have in common?
EM Hechenleitner, G Grellet-Tinner, LE Fiorelli
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Redescription and reevaluation of the taxonomical status of Microsuchus schilleri (Crocodyliformes: Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Upper Cretaceous of Neuquén, Argentina
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Quilmesaurus curriei Coria, 2001 (Dinosauria, Theropoda). Su validez taxonómica y relaciones filogenéticas
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The oldest rhynchosaur from Argentina: a Middle Triassic rhynchosaurid from the Chañares Formation (Ischigualasto–Villa Unión Basin, La Rioja Province)
MD Ezcurra, MJ Trotteyn, LE Fiorelli, MB von Baczko, JRA Taborda, ...
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New specimen sheds light on the anatomy and taxonomy of the early Late Triassic dinosauriforms from the Chañares Formation, NW Argentina
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Predation bite-marks on a peirosaurid crocodyliform from the Upper Cretaceous of Neuquén Province, Argentina
LE Fiorelli
Ameghiniana 47 (3), 387-400, 2010
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