Guillermo Lasarte-Aragones
Guillermo Lasarte-Aragones
Dept. Analytical Chemistry. University of Córdoba
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Detecting biothreat agents: From current diagnostics to developing sensor technologies
SA Walper, G Lasarte Aragonés, KE Sapsford, CW Brown III, CE Rowland, ...
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Use of switchable solvents in the microextraction context
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Artificial Multienzyme Scaffolds: Pursuing in Vitro Substrate Channeling with an Overview of Current Progress
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Nanoparticle-based microextraction techniques in bioanalysis
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Ionic liquids-based dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for determination of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in tea beverages: Evaluation of infusion …
C Rivera-Vera, G Lasarte-Aragonés, MA Bravo, D Muñoz-Lira, R Salazar, ...
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Quantum Dots as Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Acceptors of Lanthanides in Time-Resolved Bioassays
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Bioconjugate Chemistry 30 (3), 525-530, 2019
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