Danja Schünemann
Danja Schünemann
professor of molecular biology of plant organelles
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A complex containing PGRL1 and PGR5 is involved in the switch between linear and cyclic electron flow in Arabidopsis
G DalCorso, P Pesaresi, S Masiero, E Aseeva, D Schünemann, G Finazzi, ...
Cell 132 (2), 273-285, 2008
A novel signal recognition particle targets light-harvesting proteins to the thylakoid membranes
D Schuenemann, S Gupta, F Persello-Cartieaux, VI Klimyuk, JDG Jones, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (17), 10312-10316, 1998
A Chromodomain Protein Encoded by the Arabidopsis CAO Gene Is a Plant-Specific Component of the Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle Pathway That Is …
VI Klimyuk, F Persello-Cartieaux, M Havaux, P Contard-David, ...
The Plant Cell 11 (1), 87-99, 1999
The Arabidopsis Thylakoid Protein PAM68 Is Required for Efficient D1 Biogenesis and Photosystem II Assembly
U Armbruster, J Zühlke, B Rengstl, R Kreller, E Makarenko, T Rühle, ...
The plant cell 22 (10), 3439-3460, 2010
Chloroplast FtsY, chloroplast signal recognition particle, and GTP are required to reconstitute the soluble phase of light-harvesting chlorophyll protein transport into …
CJ Tu, D Schuenemann, NE Hoffman
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (38), 27219-27224, 1999
Studies of the enzymic capacities and transport properties of pea root plastids
S Borchert, J Harborth, D Schunemann, P Hoferichter, HW Heldt
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DONGLE and DEFECTIVE IN ANTHER DEHISCENCE1 lipases are not essential for wound-and pathogen-induced jasmonate biosynthesis: redundant lipases contribute to jasmonate formation
D Ellinger, N Stingl, II Kubigsteltig, T Bals, M Juenger, S Pollmann, ...
Plant Physiology 153 (1), 114-127, 2010
Porins from plants. Molecular cloning and functional characterization of two new members of the porin family.
K Fischer, A Weber, S Brink, B Arbinger, D Schünemann, S Borchert, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 269 (41), 25754-25760, 1994
Structure and function of the chloroplast signal recognition particle
D Schünemann
Current genetics 44, 295-304, 2004
The thylakoid membrane protein ALB3 associates with the cpSecY-translocase in Arabidopsis thaliana
E Klostermann, I DROSTE gen. HELLING, JP Carde, D Schünemann
Biochemical Journal 368 (3), 777-781, 2002
Mechanisms of protein import into thylakoids of chloroplasts
D Schünemann
Walter de Gruyter 388 (9), 907-915, 2007
Chloroplast SecY is complexed to SecE and involved in the translocation of the 33-kDa but not the 23-kDa subunit of the oxygen-evolving complex
D Schuenemann, P Amin, E Hartmann, NE Hoffman
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (17), 12177-12182, 1999
Interaction of the periplasmic PratA factor and the PsbA (D1) protein during biogenesis of photosystem II in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
M Schottkowski, S Gkalympoudis, N Tzekova, C Stelljes, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (3), 1813-1819, 2009
ADP/ATP translocator from pea root plastids (comparison with translocators from spinach chloroplasts and pea leaf mitochondria)
D Schunemann, S Borchert, UI Flugge, HW Heldt
Plant Physiology 103 (1), 131-137, 1993
The yeast split-ubiquitin system to study chloroplast membrane protein interactions
JC Pasch, J Nickelsen, D Schünemann
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 69, 440-447, 2005
A second thylakoid membrane-localized Alb3/OxaI/YidC homologue is involved in proper chloroplast biogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
L Gerdes, T Bals, E Klostermann, M Karl, K Philippar, M Hünken, J Soll, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (24), 16632-16642, 2006
Functional analysis of the protein-interacting domains of chloroplast SRP43
E Jonas-Straube, C Hutin, NE Hoffman, D Schunemann
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (27), 24654-24660, 2001
Alb4 of Arabidopsis promotes assembly and stabilization of a non chlorophyll-binding photosynthetic complex, the CF1CF0–ATP synthase
M Benz, T Bals, IL Gügel, M Piotrowski, A Kuhn, D Schünemann, J Soll, ...
Molecular plant 2 (6), 1410-1424, 2009
Component interactions, regulation and mechanisms of chloroplast signal recognition particle-dependent protein transport
CV Richter, T Bals, D Schünemann
European journal of cell biology 89 (12), 965-973, 2010
Interaction studies between the chloroplast signal recognition particle subunit cpSRP43 and the full-length translocase Alb3 reveal a membrane-embedded binding region in Alb3 …
B Dünschede, T Bals, S Funke, D Schünemann
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (40), 35187-35195, 2011
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