Alberto Hernández Creus
Alberto Hernández Creus
University of La Laguna, Physical Chemistry.
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Facile synthesis of stable subnanosized silver clusters in microemulsions
A Ledo‐Suárez, J Rivas, CF Rodríguez‐Abreu, MJ Rodríguez, E Pastor, ...
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H Martin, P Carro, A Hernández Creus, S González, RC Salvarezza, ...
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Nanopartículas metálicas y plasmones de superficie: una relación profunda
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Nanomechanical characterization of nanostructured bainitic steel: peak force microscopy and nanoindentation with AFM
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Quinone‐Rich Poly (dopamine) Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biosensor Applications
M Martín, A Gonzalez Orive, P Lorenzo‐Luis, A Hernandez Creus, ...
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Study of the electropolymerization of tetrakis (3-aminophenyl) porphyrin Fe (III) chloride on Au electrodes by cyclic voltammetry and STM
F Armijo, MC Goya, Y Gimeno, MC Arévalo, MJ Aguirre, AH Creus
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Interplay of surface diffusion and surface tension in the evolution of solid/liquid interfaces. Dealloying of β-brass in aqueous sodium chloride
H Martin, P Carro, A Hernández Creus, J Morales, G Fernandez, ...
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On the influence of the culture conditions in bacterial antifouling bioassays and biofilm properties: Shewanella algae, a case study
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Are 4-mercaptobenzoic acid self assembled monolayers on Au (111) a suitable system to test adatom models?
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A New Electrochemical Method for Determining the Fractal Dimension of the Surface of Rough Metal Electrodeposits: Its Application to Dendritic Silver Surfaces
AH Creus, P Carro, S González, RC Salvarezza, AJ Arvia
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 139 (4), 1064, 1992
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