Prayag Murawala
Prayag Murawala
MDIBL, Bar Harbor, ME-04609, USA & Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany
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Single-cell analysis uncovers convergence of cell identities during axolotl limb regeneration
T Gerber, P Murawala, D Knapp, W Masselink, M Schuez, S Hermann, ...
Science 362 (6413), eaaq0681, 2018
Broad applicability of a streamlined Ethyl Cinnamate-based clearing procedure
W Masselink, D Reumann, P Murawala, P Pasierbek, Y Taniguchi, ...
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A right-handed signalling pathway drives heart looping in vertebrates
OHO , H Coskun, C Minguillón, P Murawala, E M Tanaka, J Galcerán, R Muñoz ...
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Regeneration: The ultimate example of wound healing
P Murawala, EM Tanaka, JD Currie
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A versatile depigmentation, clearing, and labeling method for exploring nervous system diversity
M Pende, K Vadiwala, H Schmidbaur, AW Stockinger, P Murawala, ...
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Nup358 interacts with APC and plays a role in cell polarization
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Repression of mineral phosphate solubilizing phenotype in the presence of weak organic acids in plant growth promoting fluorescent pseudomonads
DK Patel, P Murawala, G Archana, GN Kumar
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Fibroblast dedifferentiation as a determinant of successful regeneration
TY Lin, T Gerber, Y Taniguchi-Sugiura, P Murawala, S Hermann, ...
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Tissue-and time-directed electroporation of CAS9 protein–gRNA complexes in vivo yields efficient multigene knockout for studying gene function in regeneration
JF Fei, D Knapp, M Schuez, P Murawala, Y Zou, S Pal Singh, D Drechsel, ...
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Is salamander hindlimb regeneration similar to that of the forelimb? Anatomical and morphogenetic analysis of hindlimb muscle regeneration in GFP‐transgenic axolotls as a basis …
R Diogo, P Murawala, EM Tanaka
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A hybrid open-top light-sheet microscope for versatile multi-scale imaging of cleared tissues
AK Glaser, KW Bishop, LA Barner, EA Susaki, SI Kubota, G Gao, ...
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Pseudotyped baculovirus is an effective gene expression tool for studying molecular function during axolotl limb regeneration
CR Oliveira, R Lemaitre, P Murawala, A Tazaki, DN Drechsel, EM Tanaka
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A hybrid open-top light-sheet microscope for multi-scale imaging of cleared tissues
A Glaser, K Bishop, L Barner, E Susaki, S Kubota, G Gao, R Serafin, ...
The Prrx1 limb enhancer marks an adult subpopulation of injury-responsive dermal fibroblasts
JD Currie, L Grosser, P Murawala, M Schuez, M Michel, EM Tanaka, ...
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Wnt signalling antagonizes stress granule assembly through a Dishevelled-dependent mechanism
PK Sahoo, P Murawala, PT Sawale, MR Sahoo, MM Tripathi, SR Gaikwad, ...
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Nup358 interacts with Dishevelled and aPKC to regulate neuronal polarity
P Vyas, A Singh, P Murawala, J Joseph
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Gene and transgenics nomenclature for the laboratory axolotl—Ambystoma mexicanum
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L Tilley, SC Papadopoulos, M Pende, JF Fei, P Murawala
Developmental Dynamics 251 (6), 942-956, 2022
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