Top publications
h5-index is the h-index for articles published in the last 5 complete years. It is the largest number h such that h articles published in 2017-2021 have at least h citations each.hide
h5-median for a publication is the median number of citations for the articles that make up its h5-index.hide
2.Green Chemistry111151
3.Organic Letters8195
5.Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis6590
6.Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry6488
7.Chinese Chemical Letters6282
8.The Journal of Organic Chemistry6274
9.Bioorganic Chemistry6175
10.Organic Chemistry Frontiers5669
11.Topics in Current Chemistry5273
13.Applied Organometallic Chemistry4965
14.The Chemical Record4867
16.Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan4569
18.Organic Process Research & Development4464
19.Tetrahedron Letters4360
20.Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry4357
Dates and citation counts are estimated and are determined automatically by a computer program.